Thursday, July 29, 2010

First attempt

When I was asked at interviews (a few I gave recently) if I blogged, I was not sure if blogging was a requirement for the job! On being told it was not, a sense of relief prevailed. The whole idea of blogging was one that had never gone down well with me. I was not sure if my ranting and ravings in the virtual world was meant to be read by everyone. Today I'm thinking differently, I guess its not just personal issues but even public ones that can be discussed virtually and I for one am going to make an attempt at chronicling my thoughts on various issues, personal (a few chosen ones) and public :P I do not think it will be a 'blog daily' kind of a thing but I'm going to attempt at updating it as and when I feel like. So the time is 11 am and the date 30th July 2010 and 'Random thoughts' starts!