Sunday, September 1, 2013

Weekend happiness

In a word what the weekend was? Bliss! Beauty therapy and with it, some me time, what can go wrong? So I finally got the chance to visit a much touted spa in the neighbourhood. And now I wonder, why I did not go there earlier! Throw in some random shopping, fried fish and chicken burgers (home-made), and it was nirvana, well almost :P

All of this though is in preparation for the big visit to Kerala happening on 8th. It's A's first Onam and we wanted it to be celebrated with fanfare, what better place than Kerala? We've also fitted in a weekend trip to Munnar with Sree's family. Can't wait for the vacation to start. Just been a month that I started working and I'm already waiting for a break! Does not bode well? does it? :D Well, there you go. That's me. I love my work, but who would give up two weeks of fun and all that time with A?

So we've bought a carrier for A. You know the one where you kind of wear it like a front pack and then ease the baby into the compartment in the front so she can see what's happening? Well, A and A's parents too do not seem to be too happy with it. A's parents are yet to figure out which clasp goes where and blah....and once we almost figured it out, we put A into it....and she was not too happy, which means we got it wrong. But, hey, you know what they say about getting used to something, well I hope A has heard that!

Monday, August 26, 2013

Its true what they say. About how having a baby changes your world. The centre and the focus that was you earlier is now taken over by this little person who occupies your every thought in the course of the day. I have experienced it many a ways. Take for instance, the very silly, simple task of online shopping.

Earlier I could surf for hours looking for that unique outfit or accessory, now I do the same but for A. And the time it takes me to buy stuff for myself or for Sree (my better half)? 5 mins flat. It amazes me how so much can change in such a short span of time! But this little person, under 100 cm long, does have the capacity to turn your world on its axis.

I took almost 10 months off from work just so I could devote my time to her and it worked out well. But then after the initial 7-8 months, a sense of uselessness would pervade. I was happy doing everything for A but I wanted to do something more. In short, getting back to work seemed to be ideal. And now that I'm back, I feel more useful. Nothing short of superwoman (well, not there yet but almost) :-)

A is an early riser (takes after her father), but luckily that means I get to spend the first couple of hours of my day with her, uninterrupted, unhurried. But once the clock strikes the dreaded 8.30 am I need to rush, so a bath, getting ready for work and breakfast are all slotted into a measly 45 minutes. But I don't really care, I will not compromise on those blessed two hours!

The value of time, another thing A taught me. And such a sweet lesson it was!

Monday, August 19, 2013

And I'm back. It been a long hiatus, a sabbatical of sorts. Simply put, I did not have time (cliched as it sounds) and then I just lost interest. The interest is back and so is the blog :) A lot has happened since my last blog post- the one about irritating auto drivers (about who my opinion remains unchanged). I had a baby, moved cities and changed jobs (not necessarily in that order). This blog will henceforth be not just where I post my thoughts on public issues - yes, yes, like the auto drivers- but also one where I intend to jot down my daily learning from my daughter- A :) who by the way happens to be an amazing teacher!

N.B- This is not a blog where intellectuals or pseudo intellectuals will find anything of interest. Random thoughts remains true to its name, just ramblings from a person who otherwise finds it difficult to find an audience!