Thursday, July 31, 2014


I seem to be repeating this at intervals....but it has been a long time! The far in between frequency of the posts on my blog is something I can't seem to help :( and I have no one to blame but myself....the little time I get I indulge in the one thing I can't do without, reading. And the Kindle reader I was gifted last year has only made things easier for me on the front.

A has grown and how :) got her into a playschool and while the first few weeks we had a lot of crying happening, she now seems to have taken to it like a duck to water. She now can't wait to reach school! Talk of lightning changes!

Going back to my Kindle, I'm going to put my two-bit on this big argument that people have over how they prefer a 'real' book over an e-reader. Well, I won't argue...reading a book with real paper does have a different feel to it but you can't help but be happy with an e-reader too what with an ability to have hundreds of books in a tiny device weighing well under a kilo, at the touch of your fingertips.

While I was not too keen on it in the beginning, I'm surprised to find myself too comfortable with it now. The ease of buying and reading books not to forget the ease of carrying it around has helped me adapt faster. Though I do buy 'real' books once in a while to satisfy an urge, I would prefer my kindle any day!

On a different note, I'm back working after a long break and boy, does it feel good! I find working helps me develop a routine for myself, A and S. So, irrespective of whether I have slept well the previous night, I'm up at a particular time (read early) every morning :) and I like it!

So till next time, adios!