Monday, August 2, 2010

Its a case of 'you cant do with' and 'you cannot do without'. Any guesses what I'm talking about? Well anyone who cannot ride a bike or does not have one (same with a car) or finds it too troublesome to wait for buses (which are never on time) would know what I'm talking about. A bane if there was any- auto drivers are the few people who can spoil your 'oh so nice day' 'so bright and sunny' etc. I used to travel in autos in Pune most of the time (lack of parking space esp on FC rd can make you do that even if you have a car!), in Hyderabad when I moved there after my marriage and now in Bangalore. My association with autos continues and I for one do not see it coming to a grinding halt anytime soon. It has just been over a month that I moved to Bangalore and the auto fares have been revised. It was like a grand welcome for me! But while I'm willing to pay the fare (the metered one), I have never been able to pay that way except for maybe one or two times. The auto drivers work telepathetically, they have already decided in their mind how much they will charge you irrespective of who you ask. It is fascinating to see that they can argue for hours, fight with you in full public view despite it being their mistake and yet be arrogant all the time. I hate they way they make me feel, as if they are doing me  favour and I will be indebted to them for life. That apart they they have now started turning the private auto hire-into a shared one, so while you might be willing to give the poor hassled commuter a lift- the auto driver makes sure your thoughts remain what they are, a kind thought. They not only charge what they think the approx fare for the other commuter would be, they expect you to pay the full fare too (whatever you have agreed upon if not a metered one)! Given a chance I could and would vent everyday but then everyday morning I keep my pride aside and board the one thing I vowed I would never board just the previous day- the auto.