Monday, August 19, 2013

And I'm back. It been a long hiatus, a sabbatical of sorts. Simply put, I did not have time (cliched as it sounds) and then I just lost interest. The interest is back and so is the blog :) A lot has happened since my last blog post- the one about irritating auto drivers (about who my opinion remains unchanged). I had a baby, moved cities and changed jobs (not necessarily in that order). This blog will henceforth be not just where I post my thoughts on public issues - yes, yes, like the auto drivers- but also one where I intend to jot down my daily learning from my daughter- A :) who by the way happens to be an amazing teacher!

N.B- This is not a blog where intellectuals or pseudo intellectuals will find anything of interest. Random thoughts remains true to its name, just ramblings from a person who otherwise finds it difficult to find an audience!

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